I’m Jasper, an aro-ace transmasculine person and this is my blog where I talk mostly about my identity and how that fits into my daily life. Most of what I write are my own personal experiences of navigating the world from outside of what is ‘expected’- i.e. being cis and heterosexual. A lot of it is me just trying to figure myself out.

Part of the reason I’m putting this online rather than writing in a journal is that identity is strange and confusing when you start to question it and it’s nice to read other peoples’ experiences and know that you’re not alone- I hope that my posts do that in the same way that other people’s writing has comforted me.

I’m always happy to chat or take suggestions, find me on Tumblr at jasperusual.tumblr.com, on instagram at _jasperusual or shoot me an email at quizzicalsloth1@gmail.com

I have an Etsy store selling pride merch at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/penguinswithscarves  and it’d be cool if you could check it out!

Thank you for visiting! 🙂



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