Dog People, Cat People, Nonbinary People (AKA The Draft For My Facebook Coming Out)

If you ask whether someone is a Dog Person or a Cat Person, most people don’t have to think twice. They’ll immediately reply with which pet they prefer, and quite often the reasons for their affections.

Occasionally you’ll come across a person who struggles to answer the question- they love cats and dogs equally, or don’t like either. Sometimes you’ll find someone who changed from being a Dog Person to a Cat Person, or vice versa.

When I was younger I thought of myself as a Cat Person, but as I grew up I started to dislike the idea of being a Cat Person and the stereotypes that came with it. Right now I’m somewhere in the middle, leaning more towards being a Dog Person.

But why do people get so protective of what type of pet is the best? Why can you only be one? The truth is that some people don’t fit comfortably in either group.

I’m one of them.

The above could easily be about something different if certain words were changed. And it is. Its about gender.

This post is me saying that I don’t feel like I fit into the box marked Girl or the box marked Boy, but Boy feels closer. Jasper feels more like my name than Amber ever has.

Go ahead and tell me I don’t exist, tell me its just a phase. But let me ask you- would your reaction be the same if this was me saying that I feel like more of a Dog Person than a Cat Person now?

3 thoughts on “Dog People, Cat People, Nonbinary People (AKA The Draft For My Facebook Coming Out)

  1. Lol I hate that question, the worst was when I tried online dating sites and you couldn’t get out of choosing although I think you might’ve been allowed to say both, possibly but less likely neither, but I’ve never felt fully comfortable with any of even just 4 options lol. I personally feel like I’m neither, but more cats than dogs, but still neither… But both aspects of my feelings are things I feel an urge to convey if someone asks me the dog vs cat question. I don’t want to just say cats because the truth is more complicated and I’m certainly not as much of a cat fan as like… Most people who have ever owned one are lol. I don’t want to just say neither because it implies I feel equally towards both types of pets and that’s not true either. Lol.

    But I like it a lot as an analogy for how complicated gender is and how the simple questions aren’t always actually simple…. 😛

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