Leg Hair, Don’t Care

I work in a tiny little company. Literally in someone’s garage (although it has grown massively since Christmas when I was last at work) washing and drying glasses and crockery that my boss hires out. It’s an alright job, my hours are whatever I want to work, the other people are nice and I can wear what I want, even if it does pay minimum wage.

My boss refers to me and the other people that work there as ladies a lot, when he’s greeting us or talking to us as a whole which is like ehh because it’s general rather than being direct, but it does still feel slightly wrong. And I mean, I got the job because I’m female- the guys he’d employed before me had been far worse at the job than the girls, so he decided that the next employee should be a girl- so I can’t really complain. Without that I probably still wouldn’t have a job thanks to the need experience for job, need job for experience cycle.

For the last few weeks at work I’ve been wearing jeans and it has been HOT- nearly 30 degrees most days and humid from the dishwasher- but I didn’t want to wear shorts because I haven’t shaved my legs since December and y’know, being referred to as a lady I feel like I should have the smooth legs that are expected (my family are weird about things like that so I think thats a major influence). I don’t even think about it any more but whenever I wear shorts my family comment on it…or sideeye me. I haven’t been brave enough to wear shorts in front of extended family yet, these are my parents and sister.

The other day my boss was helping out and asked why we were both wearing jeans in this weather so I made the excuse that my shorts were still packed up from being at uni (mostly true, I had one pair that was unpacked and the rest was still in my suitcase), but it got me thinking- what if I did wear shorts to work? How would people react?

When I got home I texted my friend with my problem: its so hot at work and shorts would be so nice to wear, but wearing shorts means exposing my legs and I don’t want to deal with the possible comments that may come with that. She made the point that they’re my legs and that I should be allowed to do whatever I want, as well as the fact that I’d be way more comfortable (physically if not mentally).

So yesterday I wore shorts.

My dad stared at me when he noticed my unshaven self but didn’t say anything, I think he was trying to process the fact that I was going out in public with hairy legs (the horror!). When I turned up at work I was met with a greeting of “Heeeey! The shorts are out!” from my boss and that was the point I was like who cares. They’re my legs. And I will show them as much as I want to while wearing ‘boys clothes’ and still being ‘a girl’. Screw society.


3 thoughts on “Leg Hair, Don’t Care

  1. Yays! I also did this for the first time this year (went barelegged at work with hairy legs). No one has said boo to me about it either, other than complimenting my skirts (for whatever reason I prefer skirts to shorts) 🙂

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